Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baba Nyonya / Cina Peranakan / Straits Chinese

Baba Nyonya

Chinese immigrants who married Malay wore an elegant blouse.
They were called themselves Baba and Nyonya because of their cultures is came from Chinese heritage, but they were also influence in Malay culture.
The socio culture were absorbed in the past which have mix marriage between Chinese and Malay so it is why the next generation called them Baba and Nyonya.This hand-made shirts and requires expertise in embroiderypatterns that look as if a delicate lace. The main decorations areembroidered baju kebaya hole in the line of sewing floral patternwhile the center of the base fabric is not terjahit was punched. This resulted in a decorative lace-like a fine, imposed on the collar,sleeves, blouses and end the two triangular front shirts, known asthe liner.



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